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Didgeridoo Dreams

Om du vill göra en bokning för fler personer, vänligen kontakta någon av våra resesäljare som kan hjälpa dig med din bokning.


  • 2016 Didgeridoo Dreams trip AARTUD Litchfield
  • 2016 Didgeridoo Dreams trip AARTUD Rock Art
  • 2016 Didgeridoo Dreams AARTUD Kakadu

<p>Topdeck's six-day Didgeridoo Dreams between Alice Springs and Darwin is a fun trip of the Northern Territory. Feast your eyes on awesome landscapes in Kakadu and Litchfield National Park, visit an Outback roadhouse, bathe in thermal springs, discover ancient Aboriginal rock art, take a 4WD trip to Jim Jim Falls… There’s so much to enjoy on Topdeck's memorable Didgeridoo Dreams!</p>

  • Day 1: Alice Springs to Tennant Creek

    Dust off the red Alice Springs dust... actually, never mind. You'd better get used to that for another couple of days at least. Think your old Nokia was out-dated? Wait till you see the Overland Telegraph line at the Barrow Creek Hotel! Text mum to let her know you're heading off in Morse code like they did back when this place was a Telegraph Station. To round off the afternoon, we've got some pretty epic granite boulders for you at the sacred site of Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles).<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Devils Marbles<br /> <br /> Meals: Dinner.<br /> <br /> Did you know:<br /> -Alice Springs is the city on which Nevil Shute based his book &ldquo;A Town Like Alice&rdquo;, along with the resulting film and miniseries by the same names.<br /> -The sound of Krakatoa erupting in 1883 was heard as far a 4,800km away in Alice Springs &ndash; the loudest sound recorded in history with shock waves travelling around the world several times.<br /> -Every September, Alice Springs hosts the Henley-on-Todd dry regatta in mock celebration of the original British settlers and the formal atmosphere of British regattas. It is therefore the only regatta to ever be cancelled because of rain (which happened once in 1993).

  • Day 2: Tennant Creek to Katherine

    Taking this trip is thirsty work, and you'll soon be able to re-hydrate with an ice-cold beer at one of Australia's best-known watering holes, the Daly Waters Pub. Located 'in the middle of somewhere', this place was the site of Australia's first international airport back when flights to London took eight days. Strewth (OMG). Later, drift off in the steamy thermal springs of Mataranka in the heart of the Never Never. Never never thought you'd find this in the outback, hey? When you're done, take in a game of lawn bowls at the local Country Club and enjoy a good old fashioned BBQ with the locals.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Daly Waters pub<br /> -Mataranka Hot Springs<br /> -Lawn Bowls<br /> <br /> Meals: Breakfast, dinner.<br /> <br /> Did you know:<br /> -The world&rsquo;s longest fence runs for 5,618 kilometres from Queensland to Western Australia and was built to protect sheep from dingoes.<br /> -If the mercury drops below 20C in Australia, it&rsquo;s officially cold. Don&rsquo;t even think about arguing about this.

  • Day 3: Katherine

    You've got a front row seat for the amazing wildlife and scenery while canoeing along the Katherine River - the Gorge is yours to explore. But if you'd rather not be up the creek with a paddle, take your trip to the next level by upgrading to a three-gorge cruise and venture even further into the wilderness. We'll spend the afternoon absorbing the majestic Edith Falls - #nofilter necessary. <br /> <br /> *Wet season (Nov-May): Canoeing replaced with Katherine Gorge Boat Cruise.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Katherine Gorge Canoeing (Boat Cruise Wet Season)<br /> -Edith Falls<br /> <br /> Meals: Breakfast.

  • Day 4: Katherine to Kakadu

    The only thing more terrifying than the plastic clog variety are the crocs that can be found in Kakadu. Luckily, the areas we're heading to today are saltwater crocodile free. If this place looks familiar, you've probably seen Crocodile Dundee one too many times. Still too scared to swim? Take a scenic flight for a bird's eye view over the escarpment that marks the borderline of Arnhem Land.<br /> <br /> *Wet season (Nov-May): Waterfalls replaced with other Kakadu site depending on road and weather conditions.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Gunlom Falls (seasonal)<br /> -Bowali Visitor Centre<br /> -National park entry<br /> <br /> Meals: Breakfast, dinner.<br /> <br /> Did you know:<br /> -The Kakadu plum (found throughout the tropical woodlands from northwest Australia to east Arnhem Land) is ranked among the highest known of any natural source for its Vitamin C content, with 3150 mg/100 g compared to 50 mg/100 g. <br /> -Most of Kakadu&rsquo;s waterways are croc infested so don&rsquo;t test the waters. <br /> -Don&rsquo;t harass Australian crocodiles. They might harass you back.

  • Day 5: Kakadu

    At half the size of Switzerland, there's a lot of Kakadu to see. Get ready to rock early, because we're going deep into the park to check out some Aboriginal Rock Art sites and cruise the East Alligator River to see how many crocs we can snap (on our cameras). We've also got special permission to enter Arnhem Land for a lesson in traditional Aboriginal hunting methods and a cruise down the river. Lunch is your choice today. Climb to the top of Ubirr Rock Crocodile Dundee style and take in the fiery sunset. <br /> <br /> *Wet season (Nov-May): Today's stops visited on previous day and today's itinerary going straight to Litchfield National Park. Overnight: Batchelor Motel, Litchfield.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Aboriginal Rock art sites<br /> -Kakadu River Cruise<br /> -Arnhemland (seasonal)<br /> -National Park entry<br /> <br /> Meals: Breakfast.<br /> <br /> Did you know:<br /> -Most of Kakadu's waterways are croc infested so don't test the waters. <br /> -Don't harass Australian crocodiles. They might harass you back.

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