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Island Times - 6 Days, 5 Nights, 3 Islands

Om du vill göra en bokning för fler personer, vänligen kontakta någon av våra resesäljare som kan hjälpa dig med din bokning.


A special package taking you to three distinctly different areas of Fiji’s islands. You’ll enjoy varied but equally stunning experiences and settings. There are great activities on offer or just swim, sunbathe and soak up the relaxing atmosphere!

This package suits any budget as we use the 1, 2 and 3 coconut rating system - 1 being more basic, and 3 being more luxurious. See below for more details on the coconut rating system, which will help you make your decision.
This package has a ‘Full Monty’ option available for people travelling on 1 or 2 coconut packages. This includes the absolute best activities that most people choose to do while in the Yasawas. The ‘Full Monty’ option follows the same itinerary, but at each location, the stated activities are included. If you’re into activities such as diving, Fijian cooking, snorkelling, hiking and you are staying at 1 or 2 coconut properties, choose the Full Monty version of the package. This means, all your activities are already planned and paid for so there are no hassles when you get to Fiji!
  • Days 1 & 2

    Get straight into your Fiji vacation and head all the way up to the Yasawa’s spectacular Blue Lagoon region. You’ll step ashore onto your Fiji island paradise and immediately chill out. Enjoy island walks, magnificent beaches and beautiful coral. Hit the beach at sunset, cocktail in hand and watch for the flying fish.

    1 Coconut: Long Beach (Dorm & Beachfront Bure) or Gold Coast (Dorm & Bure)
    2 Coconuts: Nabua Lodge (Deluxe Dorm & Deluxe Bure) or Safe Landing Resort (Standard Bure with shared facilities & Beachfront Bure)
    3 Coconuts: Nanuya Island Resort (Deluxe Villa) or Coconut Beach Resort (Beachfront Bure)

    1 Coconut: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    2 Coconuts: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    3 Coconuts: Ala carte at Nanuya Island Resort or FJD 208 directly to Coconut Beach Resort.

    If staying at Gold Coast, then choose two of the following: Sawa-I-Lau caves trip, snorkel trip at Honeymoon Island, or Fijian village visit. If staying at Long Beach Resort/Nabua Lodge/Safe Landing Resort, then choose two of the following: Sawa-I-Lau caves trip, Blue Lagoon snorkelling (min. 4 pax), or 30 min island massage.

  • DAY 3 & 4

    Spend the morning enjoying the Fiji islands! Relax, kayak or snorkel prior to your late morning transfer to the central Yasawa Islands. Both White Sandy and Korovou resorts share the same beach and beautiful bay and sit just a short walk from each other. Both are Fijian family run properties where you’ll feel very welcome. For the 3 coconut option, Botaira is a traditional Fijian resort with beautiful accommodation and a perfect beach! Relaxation is the name of the game here - take to the beach, pool or hammock, read or snooze, sip on a beer or wine. After some activities? Well, there’s plenty on offer.

    1 Coconut: White Sandy Beach (Dorm & Beachfront Bure)
    2 Coconuts: Korovou Eco-Tour Resort (Deluxe Dorm & Beachfront Bure) or Barefoot Manta Island (Deluxe Dorm & Bure with Ensuite)
    3 Coconuts: Botaira Beach Resort (Deluxe Beachfront Bure)

    1 Coconut: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    2 Coconuts: Breakfast, lunch, dinner at Korovou Eco-Tour Resort. FJD 168 per person for meals at Barefoot Manta Island.
    3 Coconuts: FJD 221 per person for meals at Botaira Beach Resort

    Those staying at White Sandy Beach can choose to swim with manta rays (May to Oct), or snorkel trip to reef site (Nov to Apr) or a sunset cruise. If you are staying at Korovou, then you can choose to swim with manta rays (May to Oct), or snorkel trip by boat to reef (Nov to Apr), or a Fijian cooking lesson, or a village visit. Guests staying at Barefoot Manta can choose between a 15 min introductory dive, or building fish houses, or swim with manta rays (May to Oct).

  • DAY 5

    It’s island time! Do what you like until mid-afternoon when we swing by to pick you up on the Yasawa Flyer and transport you to the Mamanuca Islands. They’re small in nature, but big in character and offer some of Fiji’s best coral reef areas for snorkelling and diving. You can cool off in the sea or the pool and watch the sunset, cocktail in hand. What an island escape!

    1 Coconut: South Sea Island (Dorm) or Beachcomber Resort (Dorm & Private Lodge Room)
    2 Coconuts: Beachcomber Island Resort (Dorm & Oceanview Bure with fan)
    3 Coconuts: Beachcomber Island Resort (Beachfront Bure with aircon)

    1 Coconut: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    2 Coconuts: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    3 Coconuts: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • DAY 6

    Enjoy your magnificent Fiji island! You’ll be surrounded by palm trees, hammocks, crystal clear waters and colourful coral. Snorkel, dive or have a go on some non-motorised water sports. You won’t want to leave Fiji’s islands, but this is the perfect way to end a perfect holiday.

    1 Coconut: Breakfast and lunch
    2 Coconuts: Breakfast and lunch
    3 Coconuts: Breakfast and lunch


    Departs from Denarau Marina 8:30
    Returns Denarau Marina 12:00, 15:00 & 17:45

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- Eat, sleep, eat, drink, swim, sunbathe...
- Fantastic diving and snorkelling spots
- Visit the famous Blue Lagoon region
- See the best of the Mamanuca Islands

Full Monty Inclusions (Available with 1 & 2 Coconut options)
- Guided kayaking
- Guided summit walk
- Swim with the Manta Rays (May to Oct)
- Fijian cooking lesson
- Sawailau Caves trip
- Island massage
- Sunset tube cruise
- Village visit
- Reef Snorkelling/Swim with the sharks

Note: some Full Monty activities are available only at certain resorts. Where you stay determines the activities that you can select.


Details included in description


All transfers to/from Denarau Marina are included


Meals are included in the 1 coconut package rates. With the 2 coconut package EUR77 per person is to be paid directly to the resort (this is why the 2 coconut dorm rate looks cheaper than 1 coconut - not all meals are included). Meals are not included in 3 coconut packages, except at Beachcomber.

Ytterligare information

Note, these packages are not organised group travel: we do not take you on a ‘tour’. Booking a package simply means that you can book your accommodation, transfers and activities in one easy itinerary - and don’t forget we have created these packages with what we consider to be the ‘Yasawa must-dos’, meaning you will see the best of Fiji's islands.

Fiji Island Resort Accommodation - What to Expect:
The Yasawa Islands have that special remote and ‘untouched’ feeling to them. The resorts range in budget and style from very basic to very up-market. To help make sense of the Fiji accommodation, we have created our own local grading system of 1, 2 and 3 coconuts. Hey, it’s not foolproof but it will help!

One thing all these resorts have in common is they are all set in stunning locations. You’ll mix and mingle with the local Yasawa villagers as most of the resorts are owned and operated by Fijians.

The accommodation in the Yasawa Islands is share twin/double rooms called bures. Most resorts also offer dorm accommodation, perfect for meeting other travellers and the more up-market resorts have large, more luxurious villas.

Properties have generators, so you’ll have electricity from sunset ‘til midnight and generally for the first part of the morning. The local power socket is the same as for Australia and New Zealand.

In most properties the beds will either have mosquito nets or the windows have screens, but we always recommend bringing along insect repellent!

Note: all properties have a minimum 2 night stay.

1 Coconut Accommodation - Dorms and Bures
If you need a hair dryer, these are not for you. The accommodation is basic, but the beautiful location will make up for that! Usually these resorts do not have hot water, but the local water supply is tepid. You'll be more likely to have a fan than air conditioning. Bring your own towel, soap and other necessities. All these resorts are run by Yasawan Fijians who love hosting you and sharing their lives with you. Meals are included in the price.

2 Coconut Accommodation - Dorms and Bures
The 2 coconut Yasawa resorts are more modern properties with a higher standard of accommodation and amenities than the one coconut accommodation. But they still have a strong Fijian flavour, which will make you feel welcome and immersed in the Fijian culture. You will have either fan or air conditioning and meals are included.

3 Coconut Accommodation - Bures Only
If you're looking for a small resort, offering a personal experience at great value prices then these are for you. On arrival at these Yasawa resorts, you’ll enjoy a welcome cocktail and you can treat yourself at the bar and to a la carte or buffet dining. Many properties have a meal package plan, which you pay to the resort. All rooms have air conditioning or fan, ensuite bathrooms with all necessities and towels supplied. All are in beautiful, often secluded locations, right on the beach.

Fiji Food and Meals:
Fijian meals offer a fantastic way to experience the culture of the Fijians. Eating at the resort where you’re staying is generally the only choice - there are no restaurants around the corner. In some cases there are other resorts within walking distance where you can dine, but this is rare.
The style of meals varies within the three coconut tiers, but not surprisingly the general rule of thumb is the dearer the property, the better the dining experience you can expect. Having said that you’ll get some great meals at even the 1 coconut properties (especially the ‘lovos’ where food is cooked in the ground).

1 & 2 Coconut Property Meals
Meals are included in the accommodation price and the packages, unless otherwise specified. Meals are served at specific times of the day and are simple and filling. The 2 coconut properties generally offer more variety and courses.

3 Coconut Property Meals
Meals are not included in the accommodation price (except at Beachcomber). Resorts offer meals on either an a la carte basis (some nights buffets) on a pay as you go basis or in a “Meal Package” which must be purchased for the duration of your stay. Prices are per person per day and are paid directly to the resort.