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Opals & Outback

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<p>From Adelaide to Darwin, Topdeck's 15 day Opals & Outback trip reveals the gems hidden in Australia's heart. From the opal mines of Coober Pedy to stunning scenery in Kakadu, majestic Uluru (Ayers Rock) to the gorgeous Flinders Ranges, the landscapes of South Australia and the Northern Territory will blow you away. Travel from south to north through the 'Red Centre' on this unforgettable Aussie road trip from Topdeck.</p>

  • Day 1: Adelaide to Parachilna

    There are more wineries around here than flies on a sheep. On our way to the Clare Valley, we'll stop at the Barossa Reservoir Whispering Wall - there's a time and a place for confessions. This isn't it. There is a classic Aussie pub at the end of the road today.<br /> <br /> Meals: Dinner.

  • Day 2: Parachilna to Quorn

    Flinders Ranges National Park is a spoiled brat, it has everything. From mountains to gorges and creeks to rivers, you're lucky you get to play in it today. Take a hike to Wilpena Pound - a natural amphitheatre about three times the size of Uluru. Then to rock art site Arkaroo Rock, and the Kanyaka Ruins a lesson in hard yakka at Kanyaka Station - an abandoned sheep and cattle farm. <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Wilpena Pound guided walk<br /> -National Park entry<br /> <br /> Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.<br /> <br /> Did you know:<br /> -As hard as this may be to believe, no spider has actually killed anyone in Australia in over 30 years. Deep breaths. <br /> -A wild pig stole 18 beers from a campsite, got inebriated, and tried to fight a cow #straya.<br /> -The first modern refrigerator was built in Australia in 1856 to keep beer cold. Figures.

  • Day 3: Quorn to Coober Pedy

    After a #saltlakeselfie stop, we roll into the next gem on our list to check out where 75% of the world's opals come from. Then: time to meet the orphans of the kangaroo world and learn more about how abandoned joeys are nurtured back into the wild.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Opal Mine &amp; Town tour<br /> -Kangaroo Orphanage<br /> <br /> Meals: Breakfast, dinner.<br /> <br /> Did you know:<br /> -Temperatures rise to such alarming heights in Coober Pedy that residents live in underground dugouts - the lower you get the cooler it is. <br /> -Coober Pedy is known as the &ldquo;Opal Capital of the World&rdquo; for its stunning opals mined from the 70 opal fields in the area.<br /> -The local Coober Pedy golf course has no grass; instead players bring with them a small patch of turf to tee off. The club is the only one in the world to reap the reciprocal rights benefits of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, Scotland - one of the oldest and most prestigious golf clubs in the world.

  • Day 4: Coober Pedy to Alice Springs

    It's time to cross the gemstone littered and soft grounds of the Moon Plain up the middle of Australia. Then, check out the world's longest Dingo Fence (good thing there's a gate) and truck on past some very remote roadhouses before crossing the border into the Northern Territory. That resort pool is just what the doctor ordered.<br /> <br /> Meals: Breakfast.<br /> <br /> Did you know:<br /> -Alice Springs is the city on which Nevil Shute based his book &ldquo;A Town Like Alice&rdquo;, along with the resulting film and miniseries by the same names.<br /> -The sound of Krakatoa erupting in 1883 was heard as far a 4,800km away in Alice Springs &ndash; the loudest sound recorded in history with shock waves travelling around the world several times.<br /> -Every year, Alice Springs hosts the Henley-on-Todd dry regatta in mock celebration of the original British settlers and the formal atmosphere of British regattas. It is therefore the only regatta to ever be cancelled because of rain (which happened once in 1993).

  • Day 5: Alice Springs to Uluru

    We're hitting the red ground running as we pull into Yulara. It's off to the breathtaking Uluru in the afternoon for a guided tour, and a glass of bubbles as the glow of sunset morphs through 50 shades of red, providing a rockin' live show. Tonight hone your Aussie BBQ skills and cook your own steak (or vege burger). Welcome to the outback, mate.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Mt Conner<br /> -Uluru Sunset<br /> -National Park entry<br /> <br /> Meals: Dinner.<br /> <br /> Did you know:<br /> -A man landed his plane on top of Uluru in February 2015, and media dubbed him &ldquo;The Red Centre Barron&rdquo;. How he managed to do that, we do not know. Don&rsquo;t try at home kids.<br /> -You can be fined $5000 for taking rocks and sand from Uluru - although who would want to,<br /> as legend says people who take rocks from Uluru will be cursed and suffer misfortunes, of which there have been some instances. Days, months and even years later stubborn rock-takers have tried to mail back their loot in an attempt to remove the curse, known as &ldquo;sorry rocks&rdquo;.<br /> -Uluru is taller than the Eiffel Tower (348m vs. 324m).<br /> -From one side to the other, Uluru has a 50 million year sediment timeline

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