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Scenic Scandi

Om du vill göra en bokning för fler personer, vänligen kontakta någon av våra resesäljare som kan hjälpa dig med din bokning.


  • Takes your breath away, Tallinn
  • Peak traffic in rural Norway
  • Norway's stunning fjords

<p>Let us to take your breath away as we travel through some of the most majestic scenery that Scandinavia has to offer. Beginning in the Norwegian capital, we will journey north all the way to the Arctic Circle witnessing the region’s greatest fjords and glaciers, lakes and mountains, rivers and forests along the way. On the return journey south we’ll experience more natural wonders in fascinating Finland as well as the vibrant cities of Helsinki and Tallinn, where this amazing tour of Scandinavia, and a bit more, finally ends.</p>

  • Day 1: Oslo, Norway

    Arrive in amazing Olso to meet your group this evening. Prepare yourself for the ultimate Scandi trip. Ready for this? Okay, let&rsquo;s go! <br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Dinner

  • Day 2: Oslo

    Wake up amidst Gustav Vigeland's bizarre and eccentric creations on a stroll through his sculpture park this morning before a comprehensive driving tour and an optional visit to the seafaring themed Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum and Fram Polar Ship. Take the rest of the day off to soak up the funky 60s vibe of the rich capital.<br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> <br /> Optional activities:<br /> -Viking ship museum<br /> -Kon-Tiki Museum<br /> -Fram Polar Ship

  • Day 3: Oslo to Andalsnes

    On to Lillehammer, home of the 1994 Winter Olympics. Do a run down the bobsled track (optional) before we move on to Andalsnes. To call the scenery epic would be an understatement (Google Images for proof). <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Visit the Ringebu Stave Church<br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner<br /> <br /> Optional Activities:<br /> -Lillehammer Bobsled track

  • Day 4: Andalsnes

    Take a window seat and squeeze through fjords, long recognised as one of the greatest natural attractions. Gawk at the sheer scale of these breathtaking beauties and wind your way around some of Europe's most scenic roads. <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Trolls pass crossing<br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner<br /> <br /> Optional activity:<br /> -Geiranger Fjord cruise

  • Day 5: Andalsnes to Steinkjer

    Chase the sun to Trondheim, the religious capital of Norway. Repent your sins. Next stop is Hell. Yes, really. Only this one is usually frozen over. But really, temps can dip down to -25&deg;C #brrr. After snapping up some photographic proof, we're off to Steinkjer for the night. <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Trondheim &amp; Hell Visit<br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

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