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Spanish in Bocas Del Toro - Standard Group

Om du vill göra en bokning för fler personer, vänligen kontakta någon av våra resesäljare som kan hjälpa dig med din bokning.


Our Spanish school in Bocas del Toro, Panama is perfect for adventurous people that love to learn the language without being rushed. Spanish and sea activities like diving, surfing and sailing are sure to make your stay here fun and rich in experiences.

Our Spanish school in Bocas del Toro was founded in 1998 and is conveniently located on Fourth Street, right behind the Main Street. Spanish classes are held all around the building, from upstairs on the balcony to the rancho in the garden.

If you are not a total beginner, you will do a written and an oral test in order to make sure you will be placed in a group with fellow students at the exact same level as you. In our classes we apply the communicative method - featuring task-based learning, which means that your objective is a communicative and not a grammar one. Grammar is used as a means to get to effective communication.

We make sure classes are fun by using role-play, music and adding lots of cultural information, so you will stay motivated to learn with us. Upon finishing you receive a certificate stating the hours you studied and if you wish you can do an exam to establish at which level you landed.
  • Welcome Meet & Greet

    To welcome our new students and to kick off their first week, an Introduction Talk & Drink is held every Sunday night. Our language program includes a social, educational and fun activity program during weekdays. This way the students do not only learn Spanish, but also get offered activities such as Latin dance classes, movie nights, cooking workshops, tropical fruit cocktail hours, yoga, beach fit or a delicious barbecue. The best part is that it is all included in the course price. Every week during the introduction talk, the school manager will present the free activity program which we welcome the students to participate in.

  • Standard Group Spanish Classes

    Standard Group Spanish classes include 4 hours of lessons a day from Monday to Friday. The hours are from 8:00 till 12:00 with a break from 9:55 till 10:05, or 13:00 till 17:00 with a break from 14:55 till 15:05. When there is only one student at this level, you receive 2 hours of private lessons at the same price.

  • About Your Location

    Food, architecture and language in Bocas del Toro originate from other parts of the Caribbean and are therefore different from the rest of the country. In Bocas everything still goes slow, but relaxed as it is, the town is experiencing a development boom and tourism is the most important business sector.

    The archipelago is also called Bocas del Toro and is a biologist’s fantasy. The national marine park is protecting mangroves, reefs and other important reserves for many species of Caribbean wildlife. Four of the world’s eight sea turtle species nest on the beaches of the archipelago, but are threatened with extinction. Isla Colon (named after Christopher Columbus) is where the provinces capital with about 4500 inhabitants is situated. Our Spanish school in Bocas is popular due to the opportunity to volunteer at one of the local sea turtle conservation projects.

  • Surfing in Bocas del Toro

    Bocas del Toro has only recently been discovered as a surf hotspot and although it is becoming one of the most popular destinations in Panama, it is remarkably uncrowded compared to its neighbor Costa Rica. Bocas del Toro has two distinct surf seasons: the winter wet season is from November till March, when the waves are usually at their biggest, and the short summer season from June to August. These two periods are the best for those looking for more advanced surf. The remaining months of April, September and October generally have beautiful weather with small surf. The most ordinary waves are reef breaks, but there are also some beach breaks. There are few rights but the lefts are widely ranged. Bocas del Toro’s waves normally favor short boards. The nearest surf spot is located 10 minutes from our Spanish school and getting there requires a watertaxi.

  • Public Holidays 2016

    01 Jan - New Year's Day (the school is closed)
    09 Jan - National Martyrs' Day
    03 Apr - Good Friday (the school is closed)
    01 May - May Labor Day (the school is closed)
    15 Aug - Old Panama City Day (Panama City only)
    03 Nov - Independence Day (from Colombia)
    05 Nov - Colón Day
    10 Nov - First Call for Independence from Spain
    28 Nov - Independence Day (from Spain)
    08 Dec - Mothers' Day
    25 Dec - Christmas Day (the school is closed)

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These activities are not included in the program, but can be booked and paid locally:

Halfday Trips:
Bocas Butterfly Garden
Botanical garden
Horseback riding
Visiting local beaches

Day Trips:
Catamaran sailing
Cacao farm
Isla Zapitilla
Leatherback sea turtle tour

Other Activities:
Dive course
Sailing course
Surfing course
Weekend trip to an indigenous tribe


In Bocas del Toro you can choose between two different accommodation types. As a standard we accommodate our clients in a hostel. Should you wish to stay in a local Bed & Breakfast, let your travel advisor know and they will help you with the booking.

Hostel (School Residence):
If you like to be independent, yet share with fellow students, we recommend staying at our hostel while studying Spanish in Bocas del Toro. We have 3 rooms that can be shared by 2 students, and one room to be shared by 3 students, but if you don’t mind paying a little more, you can have your own private room. The bathrooms are always shared. We also have a shared kitchen at your disposal and a communal space where students can study, chat or watch TV together.

Local Bed & Breakfast:
A Bed & Breakfast with a local family in Bocas del Toro gives you the opportunity to stay in a local house, where you will have breakfast and get a chance to chat with the family every once in a while, but don’t expect too much interaction with the family. The rooms in the Bed & Breakfast are private with shared bathrooms, however, you can always pay a bit more and get a private bathroom. The Bed & Breakfast includes breakfast which is typically Panamanian, nevertheless, your host family can adapt a little upon request (e.g. considering your diet). In Bocas del Toro you first need to go to the school so that once we are sure the family is home, we can explain to you how to get there on foot or by taxi. If you would like to have more of a host family experience with a lot of family interaction, a language course in Turrialba, Costa Rica is a great option.


You have several options regarding transportation to the language school. Just let your travel advisor know if you would like one. The transfer is NOT included in the price and will be booked separately.

Taxi Transfer:
- Taxi transfer from Bocas National Airport to Accommodation of choice accompanied by a representative of the school
- Walking orientation tour in town and at the school

Total Air Transfer:
- Transfer from Panama City International Airport (Tocumen) to a hostel in Panama City
- 1 night in Panama City hostel in a private room with Wi-Fi and breakfast
- Transfer from Panama City hostel to Albrook International Airport
- Local flight from Panama City to Bocas del Toro
- Taxi transfer from Bocas National Airport to accommodation of choice in Bocas del Toro, accompanied by a representative of the school with a walking orientation tour in town and at the school

Total Bus Transfer:
- Transfer from Panama City International Airport (Tocumen) to a hostel in Panama City
- 1 night in Panama City hostel in a private room with Wi-Fi and breakfast
- Transfer from Panama City hostel to Albrook Bus Station
- Due to local laws concerning pre purchasing of bus tickets we cannot take care of these for you, therefore at the bus station you will have to buy your own bus ticket from Panama City to Bocas del Toro (This should cost approx 28 USD)
- Upon arrival in Bocas del Toro you will have to buy your own ferry ticket onwards to the island (this should cost approx 6 USD).


If you are staying at the hostel (School Residence), meals are not included.

If you are staying at the B&B, breakfast is included. The food is typically Panamanian, nevertheless, your host family can adapt a little on request (e.g. considering special dietary restrictions).