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Vodka & Caviar

Om du vill göra en bokning för fler personer, vänligen kontakta någon av våra resesäljare som kan hjälpa dig med din bokning.


  • Mates in Russia
  • 2016 Vodka and Caviar Tour - St Petersburg
  • 2016 Vodka and Caviar Tour - Moscow

<p>Russian Tsars knew how to indulge in the good life and we want a taste of it too! Join us was we travel in Russia in search of the very best this vastly huge and varied nation has to offer. With ample time to explore the glorious old cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, both on our own and with a local guide to show us, we will indulge ourselves on the best culture, nights out and great experiences that travelling in Russia has to offer!</p>

  • Day 1: St. Petersburg, Russia

    Meet your Trip Leader and introduce yourself to your new comrades over dinner. Na zdorovje! Later, find some blini and caviar (yes, caviar) washed down with a shot of vodka, if you wish. When in Rome&hellip;<br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Dinner

  • Day 2: St. Petersburg

    A land of 11 time zones and an epic history. Luckily, we have a local guide to start us off on the right foot. Anything called the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood has got to be worth a look (and it really is). You'll see it on today's tour. And the bucket list items. So. Many. Things. You won't be bored in St Petersburg. <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Guide tour of St Petersburg with local guide<br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Breakfast

  • Day 3: St. Petersburg

    Dig into breakfast with your pinkies raised. You're going on a guided tour of the Hermitage Museum that spans six palatial buildings, including the epic Winter Palace. Ah-maze! You won't want to miss this.Next: (window) shopping, chowing and grooving your way down Nevsky Prospect, the capital's main street. <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Hermitage Museum tour<br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Breakfast

  • Day 4: St. Petersburg to Novgorod

    Through the Russian countryside to the World Heritage-listed city Novgorod. Try: Medovukha, the Russian version of mead. <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Walking tour of Novgorod<br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

  • Day 5: Novgorod to Moscow

    Roll into Moscow today where the city is alive in rain hail or shine. Believe it or not, Moscow sparkles so be prepared for an incredible few days ahead. As you move through the city, spot the tangible reminders of Russia's involvement in modern history. <br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

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