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Pan American between Anchorage and Mexico City

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  • Dawson
  • Hazelton
  • Banff
  • Jasper
  • Denali Highway
  • Watson Lake
  • Anchorage
  • Denali National Park
  • Tok
  • McCarthy
  • Stewart
  • François Lake
  • Page
  • Seward
  • Nogales
  • Mexico City
  • Sayulita
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Monument Valley
  • Phoenix
  • Las Vegas
  • Angahuan
  • Tequila
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Zion National Park
  • Glacier National Park
  • Moab
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Salt Lake City
  • Mazatlan
  • Jackson Hole
  • Kodachrome Basin State Park
  • Guaymas
  • Grand Teton National Park
  • Arches National Park

Overlanding is a fantastic way to experience the traveller's paradise of North America! Dragoman have been the world's leading overland operator for decades, so take advantage of our years of experience and come with us as we include all the must-see attractions as well as heading into the wilds, well away from the usual tourist trail. We begin our journey in the Alaskan town of Anchorage, and wind our way through the wilds of Alaska and the forest-covered slopes of Canada's mountain country. We will learn about the local cultures and minig history, camp out in the wilderness, trek through the breathtaking landscapes, forests and glaciers, and have the chance to enjoy some exhilirating outdoor activities in some of the world's best National Parks such as Denali, Jasper and Banff. From the glittering city of Banff, we journey through the stunning western USA along the famous Rocky Mountains, to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, the geothermal geysers of Yellowstone, the red columns of Monument Valley in Utah, and through the incredible deserts of Arizona en route to Mexico. This scenic and active journey takes us to Mexico's buzzing capital. Join us on this unforgettable overlanding experience through the Americas!

  • Day 1 Mexico City

    Border information: if joining in Mexico City, you will most likely enter Mexico at Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport (IATA code: MEX). There will be an important group meeting at 18:00 at the joining hotel - please look out at the hotel reception for a note from your leader with more details about this important meeting. The rest of the day is free to explore Mexico's incredible capital and to take part in some optional activities. Please note that many of the options listed below will only be possible for those with extra time in Mexico City before the start of your trip with us - please contact the Sales team if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Mexico City.

    See Mexico City's famous traditional mariachi bands in the evening around Garibaldi Square - Cost: MXN 30
    Explore the magnificent ancient Mesoamerican ruins of Teotihuacan near Mexico City - Cost: MXN 59
    Visit the beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes and see it's immense murals by world-famous Mexican artists such as Diego Riviera - Cost: MXN 50

  • Day 2 Mexico City

    We have a free day to enjoy Mexico City. In Mexico City we will stay in a good hotel in the central district of Bellas Artes.

    Explore the vast system of waterways and flower gardens at Xochimilco, possibly including a visit to the creepy Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls) - Cost: MXN
    Visit some of Mexico City's other incredible landmarks, such as the Palacio Nacional, the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, and the Basilica de Guadalupe - Cost: MXN
    Freely explore the huge area of the Zocalo in Mexico City's centre, along with its famous Metropolitan Cathedral and the Temple Mayor (the last remains of the old Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan) - Cost: MXN 59
    Visit some of Mexico City's most important museums and galleries, such as the old house of the iconic artist Frida Kahlo, the former home of revolutionary Leon Trotsky, and the Museo Dolores Olmedo art gallery - Cost: MXN 75
    Freely explore the colossal Chapultepec Park, one of the world's largest urban green spaces and a cultural hotspot where you can often see the pole-swinging 'Volador' dancers - Cost: MXN

  • Day 3 Angahuan

    Today we will leave the capital behind and have a full day drive to Angahuan. This village is inhabited by the Purépecha people, who have been indigenous to the area since one thousand years before the Spanish invasion. Angahuan is the gateway to the Parícutin volcano, the only volcano in the world to have been born in modern times. In Angahuan we will camp at a campsite near to the volcano. Estimated Drive Time - 10-11 hours (please note that all drive times given here are the approximate number of hours that the truck will be in motion only, and does not include any time taken for coffee or lunch stops, border crossings, photo stops, activities en route, comfort breaks, shopping stops, toilet stops, etc. The times given are approximate estimates only and whilst given with the best of intentions, the drive times are heavily dependent on traffic, road conditions, weather, police roadblocks, and many other factors - flexibility is essential on any overland trip!).

  • Day 4 Angahuan

    Today we will have a free day to explore the village of Angahuan or to go for optional walks around the area of the Paricutín volcano. The creation of the volcano in 1943 buried two nearby villages, and it's still possible to see the spire of the cathedral of San Juan Parangaricutiro sticking up from the lava field.

    Trek up the Parícutin volcano in Angahuan, the only volcano in the world to be spawned during modern times - Cost: USD 35
    Explore the area of the Parícutin volcano on horseback - Cost: MXN 700

  • Day 5 Tequila

    Today we will drive to the town of Tequila, where we will have time for an optional visit to the town's famous distilleries (either today or on the following morning). In Tequila we will stay in a basic hotel. Estimated Drive Time - 5-6 hours.

    Take a guided tour of the famous Jose Cuervo tequila distillery - Cost: MXN 180

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