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Travelling Spanish Classroom

Om du vill göra en bokning för fler personer, vänligen kontakta någon av våra resesäljare som kan hjälpa dig med din bokning.


Travelling Classroom is a unique blend of travel adventures and studying Spanish in four different locations - Panama City, Boquete and Bocas del Toro in Panama, and Turrialba in Costa Rica!

This program is for students who want to travel and learn Spanish while doing that. Sharing daily activities like shopping and cooking with a Spanish speaking instructor, you will be immersed in a fun and inspiring atmosphere for learning Spanish. We've included highlights and adventures in each location to ensure that you don't miss out on any unforgettable experiences.
  • Week 1

    This educational adventure trip starts in Panama City where you will met at the airport and taken to the hostel. On Sunday evening you will do a test to evaluate your level in Spanish. There is also an Introduction Talk so that all participants can get to know each other and receive a detailed itinerary. Monday morning the first four hours of Spanish classes will get the beginner student speaking his first Spanish words, or get the advanced student "back on track". In the afternoon we organize a walking tour in Casco Viejo. After Tuesday´s classes we will be learning everything about the Panama Canal when we visit the Miraflores locks and enjoy the Latin dance classes. Wednesday will be a good day to study and enjoy cooking classes. On Thursday and Friday, you will be amazed by the Kuna indigenous people and the idyllic tropical beauty of the San Blas Islands.

  • Week 2

    On Sunday, the trip from Panama City to Boquete will be made on local buses. The school in Boquete is a great place to study and relax as it has a beautiful garden with easy chairs, hammocks and lots of orange trees. In the evening there will be a welcome drink and introduction to the Boquete language school, surroundings and history of the area. The fresh climate in Boquete is great for studying so you can expect to make a lot of progress here. The students can choose between accommodation at the school or living with a local host family for a week. The zip lining experience is a high-speed adrenaline tour to discover Panama’s rainforest from up above and admire its magnificent beauty from 13 different canopy stations. Cooking and dance classes as well as a barbecue on Friday will be included in your program in Boquete.

  • Week 3

    The following Saturday, the students will travel six hours by bus and boat from the highland town of Boquete to the Caribbean island of Bocas del Toro. On Sunday, the catamaran tour with snorkelling will ease the students into the Caribbean lifestyle. During the week, students can explore the many beautiful beaches and other attractions around the islands in kayaks, bicycles or water taxis. Some require a bit of effort and an adventurous spirit while others are just a few minutes from the school. The town is full of restaurants and bars, many built out over the water, providing endless nighttime entertainment. Classes in Bocas end on Friday with another Happy Hour during a barbecue.

  • Week 4

    Once again on Saturday, the students will travel by boat and bus, this time to a different country - Costa Rica. In Turrialba, Costa Rica, the students will enjoy the non-touristy feel of this small town and be able to use all the Spanish that they have learned so far with the local "Ticos", a nickname for Costa Ricans. You will enjoy daily life activities like shopping at the fruit and vegetable market or sitting in the park to chat with the locals. The last day of classes are on Friday, and at a final Happy Hour and barbecue, the students will receive their certificates and get ready for the last spectacular excursion: a rafting trip on the Pacuare river. This excursion provides a thrilling ride down the river filled with stunning natural beauty and exciting rapids. The campsite, located in the heart of the jungle, provides an opportunity to learn about the rainforest and will give you some time to relax in a hammock, check out the toucans and sloths, and look back on all the unique and wonderful experiences of the past four weeks!

    On your final day you will arrive back quite late so it’s best to book an additional night of accommodation in Turrialba and continue your onwards travel the following day.

  • Inclusions

    - Three and a half weeks of Spanish lessons
    - The company of an instructor
    - Transportation between locations
    - Daily breakfast
    - Weekly introduction to the new location
    - Weekly Latin dance class
    - Weekly local food cooking class
    - Friday’s Happy Hour Drinks
    - Panama City Adventure: Casco Viejo / Panama Canal Tour
    - Panama City Adventure: San Blas Islands (2 nights' stay)
    - Boquete Adventure: Canopy Tour (zip lining in the treetops)
    - Bocas Adventure: Catamaran Sailing
    - Turrialba Adventure: Rafting on the Pacuare river & overnight stay at river camp
    - Upgrades on rooms and extra excursions are optional.

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Your accommodation in this program is in hostel dorms. The rooms are shared between 2-8 people depending on availability at the time.


All transfers, including the arrival airport pick-up are included. Please note that transport between the different locations is with public transport.


Breakfast included